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Most popular works of art
Jan van Bijlert - The Calling of St. Matthew

Berthe Morisot - The Wet Nurse

Rembrandt - Christ in the Storm

Paul Klee - Portrait O.T.

Piet Mondrian - Composition with Large Red Plane, Yellow, Black, Gray, and Blue

Paul Klee - Orpheus

Edvard Munch - Self-Portrait with Hat and Overcoat

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Self-portrait with a pipe

Hendrick Goltzius - Torso Belvedere, Viewed Diagonally from Behind

Paul Klee - Horticulture

Paul Klee - Secret Letters

Rubellin - Turkish lady and the zeibeck

Giovanni Battista Moroni - Portrait of a Man

Paul Klee - Flower Garden

Hendrick Goltzius - Four Studies of Hands

Edouard Manet - Julie Manet Sitting on a Watering Can

Anonymous - The Dream of the Elector Frederick the Wise of Saxony

Anton Mauve - Horses at the Gate

Claude Monet - Wood Gatherers at the Edge of the Forest

Edvard Munch - Dance on the Beach

Newly added works of art
Francesco Guardi - The Meeting of Pope Pius VI and Doge Paolo Renier at San Giorgio in Alga

Nicolas Poussin - Bacchanale with a Guitar Player

Claude Lorrain - The Village Fête

Claude Lorrain - Seaport at Sunset

Jan Lievens - Head of a Young Man

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - Jean-Pierre-François Gilibert

Jan Lievens - Head of an Old Man

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - Madeleine Ingres

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - Self-Portrait

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - Hercules and the Pygmies

Giulio Cesare Procaccini - The Mystical Marriage of St. Catherine

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - Bonaparte as First Consul

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - Christ Giving the Keys of Paradise to Saint Peter

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - The Virgin of the Host

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - Joseph Woodhead, his Wife Harriet and her Brother Henry George Wandesford Comber

Chaim Soutine - Grotesque

Chaim Soutine - Landscape with Figures

Chaim Soutine - Self-Portrait

Thomas Lawrence - The Children of Ascoyghe Boucherett

Jacob Duck - Soldiers Arming Themselves

Jean-Baptiste Regnault - The Education of Achilles by the Centaur Chiron

Francesco Solima - Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple

Chaim Soutine - Rabbit

Jean-Honoré Fragonard - The Bolt

Pierre Mignard - Self-Portrait

Nicolas Poussin - The Healing of the Blind of Jericho

Nicolas Poussin - The Triumph of Flora

Hubert Robert - The Maison Carrée, the Amphitheater and the Tour Magne in Nîmes

Jan van Ravesteyn - The Officers of the White Flag

Gabriel Metsu - Woman Sewing with a Parrot

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